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Ho Chi Minh office

At VBK, we understand that people are the decisive factor to the success of the business. We always create the conditions and support necessary for our employees to develop and achieve their goals.

“Whether VINA BOOKKEEPING is a suitable environment for students whose major is in accounting and auditing to start their careers or not.”

Annually, VINA BOOKKEEPING has held an internship program for senior students specializing in Accounting, Auditing, and Finance. How to start your career, submit the CV here; our company will help you define your career path…

VINA BOOKKEEPING always attracts young employees with a dynamic working environment, attractive salary policy.

VINA BOOKKEEPING always applies the philosophy of “KAIZEN” in the working process, always updates the information technology to improve working efficiency. Accounting isn’t as dull as before.

Let’s listen to the new office employees who have passed their probation period.

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