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Legal updates

We regularly update legal documents on accounting, tax, labor and other related fields for our clients.

Official Letter No. 82635 / CT-TTHT dated 11/9/2020 of Hanoi Tax Department about Guidance on PIT finalization for current income.

The regulation only accept to be exempted annual PIT return for an person who has average monthly current income in a year not exceeded 10 millions VND and was withheld 10%, and the regulation also accept to authorize income payer to make PIT finalization for the person only signs an employment contract in a unit.

Accordingly, in case a person signs many employment contracts with many units (term of contract is from 03 months) and at the same time, the person earns an average monthly income of no more than 10 million VND from other units in the year, even though 10% tax on which has been withheld at source by the income payer, this person shall make directly PIT finalization with the tax department such current income also is subject of PIT finalization.

Please kindly find detail in the attached file.

20200911_CV82635_Hướng dẫn quyết toán thuế TNCN đối với thu nhập vãng lai

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