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At VBK, we understand that people are the decisive factor in the success of the business. We always create the conditions and support necessary for our employees to develop and achieve their goals.
24 Tháng 08, 2022
Welcome new employees in 2022

Congratulations to the new employees for successfully passing the selection process and officially becoming our company’s Tax and Accounting Consultant. Our company hopes that the dynamic, open and friendly working environment will help you have a favorable start in your career path, always keeping the enthusiasm of youth and desire long-term dedication to the Company.

22 Tháng 08, 2022
Welcome new employee 2022

To meet the needs of expanding FDI customers, other than Japanese customers, Vina Bookkeeping Co.,Ltd – Branch in Ha Noi has successfully recruited new graduates in 2022. Congratulations to the excellent students who have successfully passed 3 rounds of selection and officially become Accounting and Tax Consultants in Hanoi office. After undergoing intensive training in

28 Tháng 10, 2020
VINA BOOKKEEPING’s annual evaluation of the year 2020

According to the company’s policy, every July is the company’s occasion to evaluate employee’s KPI. Based on the KPI evaluation results, the company will consider the benefits and promote each individual.

28 Tháng 10, 2020
Staff recruitment 2021

Vina Bookkeeping has a demand to recruit positions in Hanoi Branch.

27 Tháng 10, 2020
VINA BOOKKEEPING’s annual evaluation of the year 2020

Employees are reviewed KPI during a year to evaluate work completion performance and prepare a suitable work plan for each employee.. Meanwhile, The employee will be considered for promotion in each evaluation.

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