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Ho Chi Minh office

At VBK, we understand that people are the decisive factor in the success of the business. We always create the conditions and support necessary for our employees to develop and achieve their goals.

VINA BOOKKEEPING always encourages employees to learn to improve their soft skills and improve their professional skills.

Becoming an employee in accounting – consulting – tax requires you to obtain professional certificates to serve the job.. One of the important certificates to provide accounting services for clients is the “ACCOUNTING CERTIFICATE” issued by the Ministry of Finance.

Each certificate obtained is a passport to help us advance in our careers. Obtaining these travel documents requires a wide range of specialized knowledge and must accumulate practical experience in accounting and tax, and must be knowledgeable about Vietnamese laws.

Vina Bookkeeping warmly congratulates the staff for their excellent passing of the annual ACCOUNTING exam in 2022.
With a team of experienced staff, who have a full practice certificate as prescribed by law, VINA BOOKKEEPING is always committed to providing Japanese standard services in Vietnam.


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