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Workshop “Omotenashi – The spirit of customer service.”

We all know that Japanese products are of high quality and the service in Japanese companies, Japanese restaurants … is always highly appreciated, especially the excellent customer service attitude, still doing for customers to feel comfortable and satisfied with their services.

In Japanese, there is one word used to talk about this particular thing, which is OMOTENASHI. And, the Japanese consider it a secret, a guideline in customer care.

How did Japanese people apply that Omotenashi in their life and at work? And what can we learn from the Japanese Omotenashi? How can that be done well?

The seminar “Omotenashi – Service spirit of Japanese people” contributed to answering the above questions. Participants from various companies were surprised and admired by the excellent Japanese customer service spirit.

At the same time, everyone has applied Omotenashi to think together and solve practical situations that can happen in daily life and work.

Hopefully, the information we introduce in the seminar program will help participants improve how to work and serve their customers.


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