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Workshop ” Increasing productivity with PDCA cycle.”

What is PDCA? PDCA is a cycle that represents a cyclic approach to continuously improving services, products, and people. It has become an indispensable part of today, called lean management. However, the Japanese used to call it the Deming cycle or Deming circle.

The PDCA cycle consists of the following steps:

Plan: Plan, define goals, scope, resources to perform, time, and methods to achieve them.

Do: Carrying out the plan.

Check: Check the plan and check the results of implementing the plan.

Act: Based on the test results, improves the program.

Adopting the PDCA cycle allows you to apply the entire plan if you meet your goals. However, each time you repeat the standard method, remind your team to redo all the steps, and improve carefully. The iterative approach helps your team find and test solutions and enhance them. The PDCA cycle includes a mandatory commitment to continual improvement, and it can have a positive effect on productivity and efficiency.

The seminar “Increasing productivity with PDCA cycle” will help you learn more about this cycle and apply it to solve the work most effectively and optimally to bring satisfaction. The customer’s heart towards your business.

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