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Legal updates

We regularly update legal documents on accounting, tax, labor and other related fields for our clients.

Official Dispatch No. 3300/CTHPH-TTHT dated October 17, 2022 of the Tax Department of Hai Phong City guiding the personal income tax policy for gifts, transportation of personal items

  1. In case the Company buys a lunar New Year gift for employees in December and gives it to employees on January 25 of the following year, this is the benefit that employees are entitled to. Therefore, this gift is included in taxable income when calculating personal income tax, the tax period is January, when employees receive gifts.
  2. The company pays for transportation of personal items of the expert who has ended the contract to the country, this cost is billed by the transportation company after the expert ends the contract, this is a payment for individual purpose, so it will be included in PIT taxable income of the expert.
  3. The employee of the Company is a foreign expert who terminates the contract and returns home on November 30. In November, the Company pays 2 times the salary, one time the salary in October on November 5, one time the salary in November on November 29 for experts. Employees directly declare PIT finalization with the tax authorities or authorize the Company to finalize PIT before exit in which: tax finalization period from 01/01/2022 to 30/11/2022, PIT taxable income is the entire income paid from January 2022 to November 2022.

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