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We regularly update legal documents on accounting, tax, labor and other related fields for our clients.

Official Dispatch No. 1995/BHXH-TCKT dated June 30, 2023 of Vietnam Social Insurance guiding the payment of proceeds through the banking system

Accordingly, Vietnam Social Insurance stipulates the structure of payment content to help the social insurance agency crosscheck and record payment information quickly and accurately to serve the timely settlement of participants’ benefits, in accordance with the policy regime.

In particular:

  1. In case the company uses the utility to pay social insurance on the Bank’s Mobile banking application: Enter, select the payment information.
  2. In case the company makes a payment order for money transfer by other channels: Payment structure: +BHXH+103+00+ Unit code + Social insurance agency code + dong BHXH

For example: ABC Company when paying social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance: +BHXH+103+00+ TZ0255Z+00101+ dong BHXH

In which: +BHXH+103+00+ is the default type of collection according to the regulations of the social insurance agency; TZ0255Z is the unit code of ABC Company; 00101 is the code of the social insurance agency that manages the collection for ABC Company.

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