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Workshop “Hourenso communication skills help to enhance understanding between departments and customers.”

“Ho-ren-so” is an important working rule in Japanese companies that any new employee must be trained and practiced. (In Japanese, “Ho” stands for hokoku meaning report, “ren” stands for renraku meaning contact, “so” stands for sodan meaning discussion).

It can be said that there is no Japanese company that does not carefully apply the training program “Ho-ren-so”.

However, many companies are still unable to properly apply the “Ho-ren-so” method due to the lack of a training framework and the lack of true thinking and communication.

So how is the way of thinking, how to express “Ho-ren-so” right?

Through this seminar, we will help you and others be more proactive about time, select information, and communicate effectively to enhance understanding between departments and guests.

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