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Workshop “Continuous improvement of daily work by basic Kaizen method.”

Kaizen is a famous Japanese business philosophy that has been successfully applied to many businesses worldwide. Its name is made up of two Japanese words: kai – continuous and zen – improvement, translated into the English term “ongoing improvement”.

Kaizen’s business philosophy has been successfully applied in many big companies in Japan (Toyota, Canon, Honda…) and is increasingly trusted in other countries, including Vietnam.

Through this seminar, you can:

  • Accumulating every small improvement for significant results.
  • Reducing waste, increase productivity in production, and business operations such as reducing inventory, aviation quality standards, waiting for time & transportation, employees skills, …
  • Motivating individuals in the business to come up with ideas for improvement.
  • Encouraging teamwork increases internal connectivity.
  • Building a corporate culture with thrift and efficiency habits in every detail.

Together apply Kaizen to be better!!!

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