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Online Test

We provide online Test on accounting, tax and labor to our clients.

This test is designed for people who are human resources, general departments, and payroll workers at Enterprises to help:

Helping Enterprises understand the capabilities of employees to have appropriate training plans.

Help businesses understand the capacity of employees to evaluate and review the level of annual promotion.

They help the test takers assess their actual capabilities, thereby improving and updating knowledge accordingly to develop themselves.

The test is built on the profession and actual labor, salary, insurance, and personal income tax that people working in human resources at the enterprise often encounter. The test is compiled by VBK’s experts who have many years of working in human resources and tax.

The online tests include 90 multiple-choice questions in various sections on labor, wages, insurance, and personal income tax. The testers will access the website to do the test online and receive the results via email.


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