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Corporate Services

VBK is the corporate services provider in Vietnam. We offer incorporation, corporate governance, company secretarial, due diligence and company dissolution and cessation to offsore company in Vietnam. With global knowledge and local expertise in business, we are well-equipped to take care of both routine and complex matters for our clients effectively.

Company Registration in Vietnam

How to set up a company in Vietnam

VBK provides a comprehensive corporate services for your doing business in Vietnam based on our practical expertise. Whether you want to establish a business or restructure your existing operations in Vietnam, please contact us. Our team can help you in all the steps related to starting your business in Vietnam

Limited liability companies Joint stock company Representative office
The most common structure for foreign investors setting up operations in Vietnam.

  • Single or multiple owners
  • 100% foreign-owned or JV
  • Legal representative required
  • Setup time 5-8 weeks
Ideal for (foreign) investors who require complex corporate structures.

  • Minimum 3 owners
  • 100% foreign owned or JV
  • Management board required
  • Setup time 5-8 weeks
Ideal for foreign companies seeking to research and study the market in Vietnam.

  • No shareholders or partners
  • 100% owned by head office
  • Chief representative required
  • Setup time 4-6 weeks

Nine steps to start your new business in Vietnam with our Company Registration services

Step 1: Prepare the application for the Investment Registration Certificate

Step 2: Submit application for Investment Registration Certificate

Step 3: Issuing Investment Registration Certificate (“IRC”)

Step 4: Submit an application for the Certificate of Business Registration

Step 5: Issuance of Certificate of Business Registration (“ERC”)

Step 6: Announce the content of business registration information

Step 7: Engrave the company’s seal

Step 8: Open a foreign direct investment capital account

Step 9: Initial post-establishment registrations

With our professional legal knowledge and experience of handling Vietnam Company Incorporation, we are well-equipped to provide our clients with one-stop services in foreign-owned company establishment.

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