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Staff outsourcing

At Vina Bookkeeping, we understand your challenges in the management of accounting, tax, and payroll. That is why we have created our specialized services to consist of the needs of our clients. Depending on the Customer's requirement, Vina Bookkeeping offers flexibility in choosing a variety of services. We always guarantee the highest quality for the services provided and precisely as we have promised to rest assured.

Admin staff outsourcing is a specialized service of Vina Bookkeeping Co., Ltd (“VBK”), to help businesses be assured of their management through outsourced personnel.

The jobs of Admin are usually:

  • Arrange meetings and schedule important company events.
  • Planning to order stationery and supplies for departments.
  • Company internal database management.
  • Make monthly expense reports and send them to the manager.
  • Storing and maintaining personal records of employees through text and data on the computer.
  • Receive and classify mail forwarded to the company.
  • Manage and organize business customer and partner records.
  • Store and print company documents for important events or meetings.
  • Receive and redirect calls to the company.
  • Always fully update the policies and ensure that all employees always follow the company rules.
  • The work is depending on the assignment of each company.

When employing personnel to be the admin of VBK, the enterprise does not need to have an internal admin staff at the enterprise; the staff of VBK will do all of the work-related to admin. We will send our team to work, act as the internal admin of the business.

Our services include:

  • The personnel of the admin work for the representative office.
  • The admin staff works for the Contractor’s Office.
  • The personnel of admin work for the enterprise.

Our staff is fully trained in the profession and other skills needed to carry out the work effectively, accurately, and comply with the prescribed reporting deadline and internal administration. The set will satisfy and exceed customer expectations. We are committed to the quality of service first (Quality First) and the dedicated Customer Service (Omotenashi).

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